WAKE UP! Building Wealth with Purpose!

I believe everyone is created ON PURPOSE FOR a PURPOSE! Mindset and Money are 2 of the biggest reasons folks do not pursue their purpose!  

We Educate, Empower, and help Execute the Advance Money Moves of the top 1% to get you to your goals quicker!  

It all starts with Mindset and understanding that the Status Quo Planning and way of thinking will never get you where you want to go!  Too many are fitting in, when we are called to stand out! 

If you don't control what you think,  you'll never control what you do! 


Do you realize that there is more to life than what you are experiencing right now?  Do you want to be the best for not only you, but those who depend on you? You must be hungry, humble, and coachable.  Everybody has a "next step" to become a better version of themselves.  Even the best can become better!  Sometimes you can't see the picture, because you are stuck inside the frame!


You were created on purpose for a purpose.  We can make all the plans we want, but God's purpose for our life will prevail!  Understand that the clarity of your assignment will only happen when you pursue the alignment of your purpose!  87% of people never discover their purpose!  We are created to live inside out, and live a life of significance that makes an impact!


97% of everything you have been told about money is either not completely accurate, not the whole truth, or not in your favor.  You must Wake UP!  Take personal responsibility for your finances.  It begins with a financial education. The people who have money have a completely different approach than those who want money.  We help folks increase their wealth 60-100% with income models that reduce taxes and eliminate debt, not chase rates of returns!


Chad Free has dedicated his life to Disrupt the Status Quo 

way of life for Americans who want more! 

His success includes helping take several companies to the 7 figure mark in a very short period of time. He is certified as an Advanced Mental Toughness coach that in recent years was only available to professional athletes, corporate sales teams, and US Military. These practices have driven him to help as many people as possible to accelerate their success, and become psychologically unstoppable!

Chad has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. For close to 20 years, Chad has built and owned several companies that were at the top in their respective fields. He then found his true passion in the financial industry. With his Bestseller Book, Wake Up Your Retirement, he has been featured in the press across the country. He is currently the CEO of The Free Group, LLC, founder of Wake Up Your Purpose, and co-founder of Black Diamond Money Moves.

As a visionary in wealth-building and living on purpose for a purpose, he empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and the ambitious with the knowledge of how money works and how to profit with purpose! Passionately promoting what it takes to break the chains of limitations, by sharing his knowledge from first hand experience of working with some of the wealthiest individuals in our country. 

He has spoken to hundreds of business owners and financial advisors across the country. Chad has assembled an elite team of specialists that have helped even the best become better. Using Black Diamond Money Moves, his team can help qualified individuals take their next step financially and create a legacy by profiting from their own unique purpose!

"We all have a next step in our life to become better.  Even the BEST can become BETTER!" -Chad Free